This marks the first day..

Shantanu Raj
2 min readNov 30, 2021

So finally after coming across medium almost every week through someone writing an article and me getting a recommendation for it on my social media, or in news, I always stumbled upon some of the other articles on Medium. Now, it might be that destiny wants me to start writing or the algorithm of the social media that somehow knows that there is an inner writer in me or my friends in my list who are passionate about medium; I finally have arrived here with a canvas where I ‘Should’ write something out of peer pressure lets say or maybe, I just have something that I should be writing. So staring in front of this blank canvas and trying to figure out something meaningful, something that adds value to this beautiful ecosystem of Medium that is generated, I cannot help but start writing by the lines of “This marks the first day..” clueless if I shall continue writing ahead or not. But still, with so many thoughts in my mind and no coherency in what I write here, I am, trying to write something meaningful and of value. However, maybe the first step doesn't have to be perfect, but just chaos. Chaos, that is there in the head and which needs a channel, but still I shall write, like writing now. No structure, no coherency but a will, to write amazing stuff someday.

As someone rightly said, there is no wrong time to do the right thing, so starting with the right thing now. I’ll start by writing things as they come, cause its fun to read things that are abstract and come as a surprise, something that is not predictable, what shall be there next day.. and what comes ahead. But I shall write just based on the events that happen in my life. So be a reader, who shall not judge me, nor create illusions of who or how I am. Those very close to me.. (a few.) shall know and connect with what I write, and those who find it interesting.. or wish to know me more.. can just read through and know me more better. I personally enjoy having a great conversation..and more importantly to present my views and thougts in most crude way. of course with respect..

So let me start with writing what I feel today.. Turn the page and scroll to the next..